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Browser cache Search and Extract

If you are playing a Video in a Browser the Browser stores it in the Cache. This little tool helps you to extract the Videos in another Dir, where they are save (The Browser can delete the Cache after you close him). Since we use a Fault of the Browser - he forgets to delete the Video after playing it - I call the Program BSE for Browser cache Search and Extract. It uses the BSE of your Browser...

This page is also the "manual" of the tool. So you see, its quite simply to use.

Download BSE

Prepare your Browser

At first we must have the Video in the Cache. So make sure that you have done the following steps.


Setting-Up BSE

Now you can start the Tool. There you at first can set the Directories of the Cache for your Browser. This you have only do once. Then BSE will use this Settings in future automatically.

With the Button "Set Folders". The Program will then set the default Directories of the Browser Internet Explorer, Firefox and Mozilla. When the automatic Setting of an Dir fails, you can set it manual by clicking on the Folder Open Button correct after a Path and selecting there a Directory. The Tools tries to use the standard directories, but since they can differ between different versions, here some tips you can set them manually:

At last you have to set the Target directory, at there your Video will copied. The default location is "My Videos" in your personal Document folder. You can edit the names in the Fields also or insert a folder name by typing STRG+V.

Prepare the Search

Now its time to tell BSE, what you are looking for. The main instrument is here to set a filter and to tell BSE, in which Folders you search. The Filter Edit field contains a list separated by semicolons (;) of wildcards. Important is the extensions. When you play a video in a portal, they store I normally as an Flash Video (*.flv). Other Video formats are avi or .swf or QuickTime movie (*.mov). So a filter might be *.flv;*.avi;*.swf;*.mov. You also can try to extract other file types like mp3.

The bad news for Firefox users: Firefox does not use an extension. All Files have no extension. So you have for Firefox special Options in a separate Box. After setting the Filter you can select which Browser you use. this speeds the Search, since the Tool has not to search in Folders, of a browser you don't use.

The Videos often have cryptically Names. You should set a new name. The videos will then numbered (e.g. video1, video2, video3...) The Extension will taken from the source Files. You can deactivate this Feature by un-checking the "Change Filename" Checkbox.

Other options can refine the Search. for example you can avoid to get to old files, which you are not interested by setting the "Created before" and "Create After" and setting there a date. For fasten this process you can select 3 intervals:

these selections set the dates in the "Created before" and "Created after" boxes and marks them. When BSE starts it will automatically set the "Created before Date" to tomorrow and the old "Created before date will now be "created after Date".

The setting of the file size is useful if you don't want to get small trailers or incomplete files.

The Info Button allows you to contact the author and to download a newer version of the program. When you download the zip File, please close BSE and extract the bse.exe to your BSE Folder and overwrite the old file. The Help Button opens this page.

Firefox Specialties

Firefox uses no Extension. this makes it difficult to get the right files. When you set the Firefox Dir (or unset it) you set or unset several special options too:

You can make your Life a lot easier, when you use Opera as Browser to download Files. The Internet Explorer does often delete Files immediately after you played them.


By Pressing on the Search button BSE search after Files. When BSE find Files which fits to your criteria you will get an File list.

BSEThis List has several option. the first is set which Files you want. You can set this by clicking in the Column "Copy?" and toggle between Yes and No. Look on the Date and Time and you will find the right files..To make this easier you can sort the List after several Column. you do this by right-clicking in the table and select the Sort Criteria. The Extension Column will indicate the source Extension or set Extension (either set by you or via the Autodectect function).

There is one problem, given by the cryptically Filenames you might copy a file several times. The "Check" Button helps you to prevent this: At first it looks it a list of the copied files. Here BSE stores any file which it has already copied (you can clear this list by hitting the "Clear List" button. This list will stored when you close the program and loaded again when you start it. The second is that it looks after files in the target folder which have the same file size as the source file and when they are equal they will be marked as an Duplet.

The Rescan Button searches  automatically again. Its easier to use when you run BSE parallel when you watch a Video, then you can see when its complete in the Cache. 

Copying the Videos 

After that you can copy the selected videos, all videos or the unselected videos (copy="No"). To avoid having the videos double on the hard disc there is a check function at first it checks weather there is a video in the target dir with the same file size as an video you want to copy and then it sets the Status to "Existing". It also checks weather a video is multiple in the file list (if you watched it with more than one browser). Then a entry will be in yellow color to indicate that it won't be copied.

 If it was possible to copy the file the color of the row changes to a light green (lime) if there was errors it changes to red. The most possible error is that the source file can't be read. The reason could be:

Download BSE

BSE is Freeware without any Restrictions! It runs under Windows XP (tested) and should work also under Windows 95/98/ME, 2000, NT4 and Vista (not tested). If you like the program you can donate some money via  PayPal.

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