Using Mp3-Gain with Randomcopy

A common problem is that mp3 have a different max volume setting, meaning that the loudness if you hear them is changing with every song. I had difference of 20 db in a list meaning that the loudest song is 100-times louder than the most quiet song.

For that problem there is a solution, it is the command line program „mp3gain“. I tried to use it but in former versions of random copy it didn‘t work since I tried to start mp3gain in a separate process. With many songs the computer will stall when calling mpa3gain.

I now found a solution and this page explains it.

How Mp3Gain works

Mp3Gain will parse one or more file which are give by command line parameters and adjust the maximum volume of a file. For this task it will re-encode the whole mp3-Song. Reencoding needs some time, some seconds for every song even on fast computers. You can adjust the work with command line parameters. You find here a list of all command line parameters

How RandomCopy uses Mp3gain

Mp3Gain ist included in the folder as an executable program. RandomCopy will call Mp3gain as an external program. RandomCopy will give mp3gain the filenames of your songs and the command line parameters you set. To use Mp3gain you have to set the checkbox “Use Mp3Gain” in the Window “Basic Settings”. Then you can type in the edit-field the command line parameters you want to set. The default settings when you start RandomCopy at first are:

When Randomcopy copies files to your destination folder/drive it will collect the filenames of the copied songs until the list of filenames reach the maximum of a command line Buffer (8192 chars), when RandomCopy will call mp3gain with your options and the list of filenames. A new command line window will open and mp3gain will start its work. Don’t close this window, it will broke the encoding process. The Window will close automatically when mp3gain has finished.

Mp3gain will need much more time to change the loudness of the files, than RandomCopy needs to copy the files. Also it will change only the loudness of the files on the destination, not the source folders.

The Mp3 Mode Switch

To enable Mp3 Gain you first have to enable the mp3 Mode. I originally wrote RandomCopy to copy MP3-Files on my Player, but is soon got mails from people who used it for other purposes like a randomly organized picture show.

The mp3-Mode enables too some other changes for which it uses the IDv3 Tags so these Options are only active when the mp3-Mode is set.


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