In English please!

Last Thursday I watched the last show of Germanys next top model. One of the candidates was a young lady, which could not understand what the customer said to her in English. Then Heidi Klum was cited numerous times, when she said: „A model must speak and understand English. The photographer speaks to you in English and the customer also“. So I was not really surprised, when this girl did not made it to the next round. Well, I’m one of the critics of Heidi Klum and this Type of show and how she deals with the girls. But in this particular case she was right: For a model which is working all around the world English is a „Must have“. At least when she wants really to be a international model and do it not only as a second job in various small shows in Germany. At least I think it is for Heidi a knock-out criteria. She lives in los Angeles and her company is there too. She is also much more popular in the States as in Europe, perhaps with exception of Germany. So their clients will be mainly in the US and since the winner of the show gets a contract which runs over 4 years I think she is interested that their models speak English. Perhaps she tests this. before she travels with them to south Africa.

I’m really astonished that today there are girls who did not speak much English. At least what the agents and clients say is not much and they use a simple language. Its always the same. I think they use less different words than our famous Chancellor Konrad Adenauer, who frequently used about 1000 words. You only have to know the words „awesome“, „Gorgeous“ and „personality“. I think with the internet today, English is more established in your daily life. Many web pages are in English, programs and help files also. And of course its easier to meet people and to talk to them. Continue reading „In English please!“